Our Wines

We are offering wines that are different. We are not offering £4.95 wines that are available in every supermarket or High St outlet. We are sourcing, importing and offering interesting, reliable, good value wines sourced from all the major wine producing regions.

We are also "supplying wine with knowledge" - providing detailed notes with each case and listening carefully to our customers, to what they like, to flavours they prefer, to things they'd like to try - and putting together selections that suit.

Wine quality is key to our offering. With £3 tax on every bottle of wine and with packaging and shipping to take into account....ask yourself the question "How much can the wine be worth in a £5 or £6 bottle"? The answer is, not much.

When learning about wine, it is very important that people feel our selection is clear and reliable, they know what they are getting. We have access to some very interesting vineyards producing wines that our customers can rely on, in turn encouraging them to experiment and learn with us.

Here on the website we have got lists of our wines,
however these really serve as a guide to pricing, styles and the range that we carry.(click to see lists).

We label our wines as Midweek, Weekend and Special Occasion Wines, to reflect the mood and the sort of prices you might want to pay for a bottle on each of these occasions and have put together some "starter" cases to try- e.g.Midweek Reds, Midweek Whites and so on. There's also "TheWineSchool Selection", a case from across the ranges, designed to provide clients with the chance to see where their tastes lie. Regular clients often phone or e-mail us with requests which don't quite match the "standard" offering - each client is different after all. That's when the fun starts, for all of us. We talk about likes and dislikes and we all enjoy the discovery....clients learn more about their tastes, we learn more which helps us tailor selections specifically to our clients. In the meantime, we've put together some suggested cases that we'll often supply to get started.

Some 'Starter' cases

Midweek Wines
We are regularly asked to recommend something that we know will not disappoint, not expensive, something for drinking in the evening, with or after supper, something reliable. These wines range in price from c£8.00/bottle to £9.00 bottle (max!).

Weekend Wines
As the name implies, Weekend Wines are for taking a bit more time over and savouring, say on a Friday evening or over the weekend. They are “up a bit” from an “everyday” wine. These wines range in price from £9/bottle to about £10/bottle or maybe up to £12. We try to work to £120/case, but sometimes there are £11 wines that really can’t wait for a Special Occasion!

The WineSchool Selection
This is a case which provides a taste of both worlds. The idea here is to include both Midweek and Weekend wines, whites and reds, giving our client the chance to discover a little bit more about where their tastes lie. Composition varies, depending on the client and on our stock, there will be some £8 wines, some £9 wines, some £10 wines and maybe some £12 wines. Click on the heading to see our current offering.

Special Occasion Wines
These are wines that we are happy to source and recommend for Special Occasions or an extra special treat. On our list there is a small selection, but there are many more and this is where the personal service REALLY kicks in, great quality wines at prices far below what you would expect to pay, meaning tremendous value for money. Talk to us, tell us the occasion, we’ll find the right wine. Prices in this range usually run from £10-£20 and more.




supplying wine with knowledge