Summer Selections

where shrewd buying means lucky customers

Summer is here and it looks as though it might be a good one. Usually at this time of year people start asking "what do you recommend for the Summer?"

Our first principle when sourcing wine for our clustomers is always...."will I be drinking this wine myself this summer" and if "YES" then in it goes.

As many of you will also know, we work hard with our suppliers to get good prices, which we can then pass on to you in one of our mixed cases, so that you have the chance to taste wines from our Weekend and Special Occasion ranges, but at everyday prices.

However, when the parcel of wine has gone it's gone, so best make the most of these.

For summer we've put together three lists of wines, one from our Everyday Range, one from our Weekend Range and what we call "TheWineSchool Case", which is a mixture of both.The lists below show most of the wines that we'd recommend in each category this summer. ('Most of'... because we'll get new ones in and no doubt we'll sell out of others.) When you've decided that you'd like a case, let us know and we'll put together something suitable, taking your previous purchases and comments into account. For 'first timers' - don't worry, we'll make sure we've had a chat with you before deciding on the case composition.

These are sort of "off the shelf" selections, but of course if you want something particular, just let us know and we'll recommend something appropriate. In the side panel there's some information on other selections and wines that we currently have and will definitely be drinking ourselves over the summer. Have a look, there's some really nice wines to try and some are very limited in quantity - once they've gone, they've gone. (Well at thesepirces anyway!).
Click on the titles for details of each selection.

To order, email either Stephen or Scott or phone us on 07778 596756(Stephen) or 07854 246578(Scott)

Everyday Summer Selections Weekend Summer Selections TheWineSchool Summer Selection
£90 (c£7.50/btl) £114 (c£9.50/btl) £102 (c£8.50/btl)
Garden Route Sauvignon Blanc Glenwood Sauvignon Blanc Garden Route Sauvignon Blanc
De Krans Chardonnay Sumaridge Sauvignon Blanc Glenwood sauvignon Blanc
Du Toitskloof Chardonnay Zondernaam Chardonnay Du Toitskloof Chardonnay
De Leuwen Jagt Leuwenblanc Neetlingshof Unwooded Chardonnay Neetlingshof Unwooded Chardonnay
De Krans Chenin Blanc Glenwood Unwooded Chardonnay De Krans Chenin Blanc
Pebble River Merlot Seidelberg Chenin Blanc Seidelberg Chenin Blanc
Pebble River Bordeaux Blend Glenwood Shiraz Garden Route Shiraz
Garden Route Shiraz Glenwood Merlot Glenwood Shiraz
De Krans Merlot Pinotage De Krans Pinotage De Krans Pinotage
Du Toitskloof Cabernet/Shiraz Zondernaam Cabernet Sauvignon De Krans Rose
Dutoitskloof Rose Neetlingshof Merlot Du Toitskloof Rose
De Krans Rose De Krans Rose Glenwood Merlot
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