Some Summer Selections


Seidelberg sizzles in our Summer Selections

Smashing weather over the weekend has meant more people asking "what do you recommend for the Summer?"

It's a bit of a tall order trying to find something to suit all, so we'll start by telling you what we'd like to drink from our lists and add to it as the summer progresses.


1.Summer Evenings Selection
2. Summer Rosé Selection
3. Seidelberg Summmer Selection

Summer Evenings selection

Summer Days mean a glass of something cold when you get in from work and some easy, no hassle reds for the Barbeque.This case comes from our Everyday Wines, has six bottles of white, six bottles of red.

The White wines need to survive being chilled, without losing too much of their flavour or ability to refresh. There are two bottles each of Chenin Blanc from De Krans, full, ripe melon flavours with a creamy aftertaste, Sauvignon Blanc from Knorhoek in Stellenbosch (this is the one I’d pull from the fridge!) and Chardonnay from Du Toitskloof in Rawsonville where the warm climate helps produce a full bodied, full flavoured wine that has lots of refreshing grapefruit flavour.

You have to be careful with what you drink at the BBQ. Something light and “easy drinking”, not too serious and DEFINITELY not too expensive. From our range I would suggest the Pebble River Reds, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and the Red Blend. They fit the bill in every respect AND they give a bit of variety for the BBQ – all three wines are full of fruit and what we wine geeks call “structure” to be able to cope with the red meats we associate with BBQs. The Merlot is fruity, medium bodied and very quaffable (for a red), the Cabernet Sauvignon has a bit more complexity – its fruits are a bit more concentrated and it has more tannin, while the Pebble River Red is a classic “Bordeaux type blend” which provides something in between the Merlot and Cab Sauvignon. The blend is probably my favourite for BBQs because it does have the lighter more lifted fruit of the Merlot but also the tannins of the Cabernet Sauvignon which help counter the richness of the meats…. Or if you are unlucky, the special carbon surprise that tends to accompany most barbeques flavours! This case is really good value at £82 (eqv £6.83/bottle),

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Rosé Selection

Confession time....... Rosé has never been my favourite wine. However last summer a couple of our customers requested that we put together a case or two of only rosé wine and as a result I got round to sourcing and tasting some examples and I have to say, it was a very pleasant experience. So if Rosé is your thing, here’s a case of three each of four of our favourites, a Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé from Du Toitskloof, a Pinotage from De Krans, a Syrah/Viognier from Opstal and a Muscat de Frontignan from Seidelberg. This case comes in at £85 and demonstrates wonderfully many of the different styles of rosé while representing great value, particularly for the Seidelberg and De Krans.

Fuller notes here.
...And don't forget, if there's something you'd like to try that isn't on our list....ask us!

Seidelberg Selection

There are several estates in our range that I believe "punch way above their weight" producing wines which would cost 25% more if they came from Oz or NZ. One of them is Seidelberg Estate in Paarl.

So in answer to the question, “What will YOU be drinking?”,  I’d plump right away for wines from Seidelberg Estate. You couldn't do much better than putting together a mixed case of whites and reds that would provide wines for the many moods and many occasions you’re likely to meet during the summer months.

I like Seidleberg’s whites because they are very much a “halfway house between the Old World and the New World" styles. They are crisp and fresh and the flavours are those of the grape and are clearly influenced by the “terroir”( the climate and site.) Those that are wooded, enjoy subtle vanilla, butterscotch and butter flavours, not harsh resiny obvious tastes. The flavours reflect the winemaker’s real passion for making the most of the grape – the Sauvignon Blanc is ripe, fresh, lemony, but not harsh, not overpowering. It can be drunk on its own or with salads, cold chicken and so on. The Chenin Blanc, likewise, different flavours though, typical of the grape with more tropical fruit type flavours, the Chardonnay, unwooded, it shows off the melony, grapefruity type flavours that are very often masked by heavy overoaking. All these wines have what I call 'slow release flavours' which are at the same time both concentrated and restrained – demonstrating what these grape types SHOULD taste like.

The Seidelberg reds follow a similar vein. Winemaker Roland Seidel believes that wine should not be faddy, it should be “serious”, it should represent value for money. His red wines reflect this, fruit flavours are clearly present in every red, but not so obvious or so jammy as to overwhelm. The fruit flavours in the reds are concentrated red, blue and black berry type flavours, the Merlot more plum like, the Cabernet Sauvignon classically blackcurrant and cassis like, the Pinotage, distinctively Pinotage with deep rich mulberries and hints of banana and the Shiraz, ripe deep cherries and plums with a white pepper like spiciness. These are the sort of wine I prefer to drink along with my food at or after the Barbeque, but mainly on their own in the cooling evenings, sitting outside watching the sun go down. Nice, warm, fulsome and complex (lots of different) flavours which I like to swirl around kin my mouth, unpicking the different nuances. (I realise this last bit sounds a bit Wine-Geek like, but try it, take a glass of a quality red wine and movie it around your mouth, different flavours and different sensations on different parts of your tongue and cheeks…”savour the flavours”).

The Seidelberg Summer Selection is £105.

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