The Personal Wine Service

We are small wine company who aim to be different by offering a Personal Wine Service for people who like wine but wished they knew more about it.

What is a Personal Wine Service?

First of all we invite our customers to tell us what they like about wine and what they don’t like about wine.

Next we chat with them to find out what they they know and what they they don’t know about wine and of course, what they think they would like to know more about.

Then, having listened to our clients, we tailor the selection of wines and the information we send their way, suited to their current tastes but also designed to lead them, gently, into exploring new wine styles, grape types and regions.

By providing a sequence of these offerings over a period of months and years, we provide guidance and learning to gradually build up and expand their knowledge and grow their confidence to experiment and try new things on a regular basis.


So what’s our package?

Sign up for only four cases per year
( equivalent to less than one bottle per week!) and you’ll have access to our Personal Wine Service.

We’ll talk with you regularly and we’ll tailor the selection of wines to get you started on your own individual “wine journey”. We'll provide the information to go with your wines, we'll structure your selection to lead you to new choices.

When it's ready ("coming soon"), you’ll have access to our members section of the website, to the members’ library and general information area and you can ask us any and all questions by e-mail, by telephone or face to face.We want to get to know you, we want to get people sharing in our love of wine. Meantime, we'll make sure we direct you to the sorts of stuff that interests you!

We make ourselves available to our members to organise Private Tasting sessions and we invite them to join in "Online Tastings", a great way to have fun while picking up some invaluable hints and tips on what to look for in a good bottle of wine.

We want our clients to regard us as their first port of call for all things wine. “Everything you ever wanted to know about wine, but were afraid to ask”?, well no longer. No matter how trivial it might seem, how complicated or how daft it might sound. Wine is for everyone and it should be fun to learn and we are determined to strip out the mystery and debunk the myths AND have fun doing it.

We are currently set up to supply cases (12 bottles) and we would like to encourage our clients to take at least one case per month from us, but we realise that some people will need to get to know us first of all, so an initial commitment of 4 cases per year is what we would like to achieve.

These four cases of wine will be carefully selected cases, aimed at providing wine to cover all occasions and the price level will be between £7 & £12 per bottle, far superior in quality and value for money than what you would get for some of the same prices in the High St.

Naturally, we also welcome clients who already know what they like and prefer to choose from a wider selection of quality and prices and who are often looking for something special. We have lots of fun when sourcing selections for specific requests!

Essentially, we want to build an "exclusive" base of clients who we make feel special by our special attention and of course, the quality of wines we provide. We want to be the kind of wine company that understands the likes and dislikes of our clients and that sources interesting wines based on this understanding.

We encourage our clients to contact us personally, with ANY question they have regarding wine. We are a bit “old fashioned” and happen to believe that customer service isn’t something that is measured by “response rates” or by “transactions abandoned”, but rather by understanding what our clients want and by providing product and service to develop a relationship that is both fun and profitable for all of us.

So, if this is the kind of service you are looking for when buying wine, someone who makes you feel special, who takes on all the hassle and can be trusted to ensure you are drinking great value, top quality wines, contact us now and we'll get started right away Contact Us Now


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