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Here at The WineSchool we want to make wine easy to understand so that our customers can have confidence when trying new wines. We want to become the first port of call for info about wine. In this "Knowledge Area" you will find answers to many, many questions that people have about wine.

Coming soon will be answers to 50 Frequently Asked questions, (meantime check out QuickFAQS) and many articles on the so called 'mysteries" of wine.

Want to know about wine styles, grape types, regions, labels? As part of our Personal Service, there is an easy to follow, "Learn the Basics Wine Course", we are all about knowledge of wine, as much as we are about selling wine - probably more so in fact.

In the side panel there is a list of headings and topics, which we are adding to every day. If the information you want is not there yet, it is because we are still building the site and we are trying to keep to a schedule of updates. However, if there is something that you have a burning desire to know about, DON'T CHECK BACK LATER.... email us us now!


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We will answer your email personally and it will give us something else to add into the Knowledge section of the site.

No question is too daft, too silly or too obvious. Just because we know the answer, doesn't mean we expect you to. In too many establishments we see customers pretending to know what people are talking about and not asking questions to find out more .... here at TheWineSchool we want people to ask questions.... and remember, it has taken Stephen 25 years to garner his (still incomplete) wealth of knowledge and even HE still doesn't have all the answers!

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