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29a Aytoun Rd
Glasgow G41 5HW

Tel: Stephen 07778 596756 Jan 07549 172677

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We would like you to contact us with all of your questions about wine.

Our aim is to build a select base of customers who value our attention to their likes and dislikes and who come to trust our selections on their behalf, so get in touch, let's start talking.

As we have said elsewhere, we are wine people and we are currently learning how to construct our site and although we've finished the lesson on forms, we haven't yet been able to set up the necessary CGI forms server side to allow us to collect your information. We will do soon.

Meantime we'd ask you to bear with us and do one of three things

1. contact us by e-mail with any questions you might have, including questions on how to order wine or wine suggestions.

2. E-mail us with your phone number and we'll call you as soon as we can.

3. Call us on one of our numbers, chat with us and we'll advise on suitable wines and deliver them to your door, pronto.

We will answer your email personally and it might give us a new immediate focus to put such information into the Knowledge section of the site straight away!


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