About Us

TheWineSchool is a new wine company, which aims to make wine easy for everyone, by offering a personal wine service for people who like wine but wished they knew more about it. There are two of us here, Stephen Running and Scott Bennie and we think we are a good match.

Stephen is the wine geek, with 25 years experience with wine, 15 of them actively teaching people to have fun, to enjoy and to learn about wine. Currently studying for the world’s most elite wine qualification, the Master of Wine, Stephen knows his stuff, has literally travelled the globe and visited hundreds of vineyards and met with winemakers and viticulturalists alike. However he is constantly dismayed that attitudes in the wine industry discourage people from trying something different and learning more about wine. Stephen’s aim is to change that, to make learning about wine fun and to encourage people to try something new.

Scott isn’t a wine geek at all, but he likes his wine and is learning to try different things. Like many of our clients, Scott is benefiting from The Personal Wine Service to learn how to enjoy his wine more. Scott has travelled to the Winelands of South Africa and retains regular contact with many of the winemakers whose wines we supply.

The Personal Wine Service works by tailoring the selection of wines we send to our clients, suited to their current needs, but also designed to lead them, gently and without confusion and with confidence, into exploring new wine styles, new grape types, new wine regions. Each case of wine comes with easy to read notes, providing useful pointers to look
for in each wine and some comments on why we like them.

Our website is part of The Personal Wine Service. Here clients can learn more about wine at their own pace, where we can tailor “personal wine journeys” - see Scott's Wine Journey - with access to extensive information on every aspect of wine such as grape types, wine styles, wine with food, regions, labels and bottle sizes, screwcaps and corks. This service has two aims, the first is to give our clients the knowledge and confidence they need when buying wine, the second is that our clients regard us as their first port of call for all things wine and will not hesitate for a moment to ask us ANY questions they might have, no matter how complicated or indeed how silly they might be.

Got a question you always wanted answered... click here to ask us and we'll be happy to oblige.

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