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Midweek Case -


The midweek case includes examples of three classic white varietals, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Chenin Blanc. Two bottles of each, selected from the following range. Cases of six bottles are available comprises two of each.


Du Toitskloof Sauvignon Blanc 2008, Rawsonville

This Sauvignon Blanc comes from the warmer climate of Rawsonville, which makes for a riper more "New Zealand" style of Sauvignon than the more "French" like flavours of wines from Stellenbosch. Du Toitskloof winery regularly wines awards for “Value for money” wines and the winemaking team regard this wine as their flagship in this category. A wine with a typical grassy character. Full bodied with tropical fruit, a zingy acidity and a sharp citrus finish. Restrained, slightly subdued. With alcohol level of 12%, demonstrating that good Sauvignon Blanc doesn’t have to be bursting to the seams with gooseberries


Du Toitskloof Chardonnay, 2008, Rawsonville

This Chardonnay is earthy and fullsome on the nose and on the palate has grapefruit and dried peach flavours, giving a hint of the clear, unadorned flavours that ripe Chardonnay can give. The wine is big on fruit and flavour and at 13.5% alcohol - big. 50 % of the wine underwent fermentation in French oak and this gives lots of vanilla and toasted hazelnut flavours. An interesting wine, showing oak and grape flavours well.


Du Toitskloof Chenin Blanc, 2009, Rawsonville

Lightish & delicately tropical offering a fruity nose, with whiffs of pineapple, pear and honey. Good balance between fruit acidity and touch of residual sugar. Citrus, nettle and honeyed tones on soft, dry finish. A pleasant lunchtime sipper. Du Toitskloof do make some real quality wines at the quaffing end of the scale, and this is no exception An excellent introduction to Chenin, ideal for those who find the tropical flavours of some of the highly concentrated Chenin Blancs just a bit too much.


De Krans Chenin Blanc 2008, Calitzdorp

Chenin Blanc is a classic white grape from the Loire Valley, with tastes and flavours offering something different. There are two examples in the selection showing differing styles. The De Krans is an excellent value for money wine, a fresh, smooth young wine showing some typical Chenin spiced melon flavours, but in an easy drinking style with a well-balanced integrated creamy aftertaste. A good introduction to the grape for those not so keen on Chardonnay. Superb with poultry, spicy Oriental dishes and salads.



De Krans Chardonnay 2008, Calitzdorp

De Krans Chardonnay comes from Calitzdorp in the Klein Karoo, which is regarded as warm/hot climate district. De Krans produces full bodied, fully ripened wines both red and white.The Unwooded Chardonnay is an elegant, but full-flavoured wine with complex citrus lemon and lime flavours. It is very fresh flavoured and the alcohol level of 14% carries the fruit well.. The wine will likely develop and integrate perhaps becoming a bit more complex over the next 2-3 years. The wine is great for drinking on its own but equally as well with poultry, fish, salads and pasta.




and six reds selected from


With the Midweek reds we have a larger selection of grapes to choose from and typically a case will comprise three bottles each of four of the wines in the following range with Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz, Pinotage, "New World" blends and "Bordeaux Blends" to choose from.

Du Toitskloof Merlot 2008, Rawsonville

The 2006 Du Toitskloof Merlot is a wine which is made for “easy drinking”. It certainly achieves this, slipping down very smoothly. The several years ageing allow the wine which is quite complex to be very smooth, with pleasant mulberry like flavours and a certain smokiness like flavour.



Pebble River Merlot 2006, Western Cape

The 2006 Merlot is extremely popular with our customers. It is a full bodied Merlot, 13% alcohol, with great depths pf flavour. It has smells and aroma of mocha coffee and cocoa powder, there's also lots of red berry fruit smells.

When tasted the flavours carry through. It is smooth and feels soft in the mouth, very easy to drink. There are layers of dark fruits and ripe plums when tasting, typical of a classic Bordeaux Merlot. It has lovely sweet flavours, making this an easy drinking wine which is great on its own or with various meats.


Du Toitskloof Cabernet Sauvignon 2005, Rawsonville

This is a smooth Cabernet Sauvignon with a hint of fruitiness and an undertone of ripe berries, with a long smooth finish. The wine has a deep mulberry and ruby colour, with lots of blackcurrant and cassis flavours and some spice from spending 8 months on French oak. The flavours have a fruit sweetness and are dense but not overly concentrated, with a nice rich texture. Nice, medium length finish, with supple dry tannin to round off.



Pebble River Cabernet Sauvignon 2006, Western Cape

This is an excellent example of South African Cabernet Sauvignon, having a nice balance of fruit and softish tannin. It has an intense deep purple colour and excellent blackcurrant and blackberry aromas. When tasting we get the same fruits coming through and some marzipan and almonds. The tannin is soft giving good structure. It is a full bodied Cabernet Sauvignon and will go well with steak and lamb, while  great for drinking on its own. This wine and the Pebble River Red blend represent great value for money, coming in at around £7/£7.50 per bottle they could both easily sell for £8.50/£9.00. Serious wines.


De Krans Cabernet Sauvignon, 2007, Calitzdorp

This is a full-bodied dry red wine from one of our favourite red wine producers. The wine has lovely aromatic berry fruit and judicious oak maturation. Will drink well in a year or two and continue to improve for a further 5-6 years. Serve at room temperature. Ideal with red meats, roasts, venison and casseroles but just as equally good on its own, sitting in front of the fire, or telly.



De Toitskloof Shiraz, 2008, Rawsonville

The Shiraz from Du Toitskloof is a full-bodied, inky black Shiraz with complex, spicy, peppercorn and grenadilla flavours. From Du Toitskloof on the Breede River, the palate is full-flavoured and ample, with lots of freshness. The supple tannins add to early drinkability and smooth elegant flavours last through to a long finish.It’s won a few awards - Swiss International Air Line Awards 2007 - Bronze, Michelangelo Awards 2005 - Silver Medal, Veritas 2005 - Bronze. - enhancing Du Toitskloof’s reputation for Value for Money


De Toitskloof Pinotage, 2008, Rawsonville

Pinotage is South Africa's only "native" grape and wines are made in a variety of styles ranging from Light and fruity Rose wines, through medium bodied red wines for regular drinking to very serious, full bodied wines suited to laying down and development over a few years.

The Du Toitskloof falls into the second category, medium to full bodied, with rich red fruit flavours, some light tannins to give it a bit of chewiness, all of which gives an impression of juiciness taste in the mouth. The wine also has the benefit of some age and has some of the more “developed” flavours associated with Pinotage, stewed prunes and fruits. The wine is suited to both drinking on its own and with food


Du Toitskloof Cabernet Sauvignon/Shiraz, Western Cape

Cabernet Sauvigon & Shiraz is a decidedly New World blend, usually designed for smooth, easy drinking. Dark-hued mulberry, tinged with flashes of ruby. Plush, plummy fruit and generous vanilla and spice from eight months in new French oak. Sweetish entry to rounded and full-bodied palate, redolent with cassis, raspberry and mint flavours. Clean, supple tannins contribute to early drinkability. Flavours carried through on smooth, lingering finish. Been described as 'an excellent buy at the price'. 



Pebble River Bordeaux Blend, 2007

This wine is a blend of three grapes, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot. This is THE classic red blend and it is what all the greatest wines from Bordeaux contain. This version is an excellent example, which allows people to understand this blend without paying through the nose.Red berry flavours, a little bit of spice and white pepper from the Cabernet Franc and an easy drinking style coming from the Merlot. Fruity, smokey, a bit of spiciness – 14% alcohol so reasonable level nowadays. This is a serious wine.... it drinks very easily now, hence it's in the Midweek Case, but it will keep and develop for 5-10 years yet. An undoubted bargain.


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